Containment Design for Emission Control During Renovations in Occupied Buildings

Otisfield ContainmentResponsibility

Turner Building Science & Design, LLC (TBS) offers a single source of contractual responsibility for the design and implementation of construction area containment programs at occupied facilities. Construction and renovation activities may emit a variety of irritating and possibly harmful or contaminated compounds. The General Contractor is typically required to protect their employees and to minimize disturbance to other occupied areas through the use of dust partitions, scheduling of work, and noise control. Unless a specific program for "Containment" of the emissions is developed, building occupants in adjacent work areas may be inadvertently exposed.

Experience & Building Accountability

Our client receives the benefits of an experienced indoor air quality team capable of delivering a clear, coordinated, and streamlined design and implementation program. TBS assumes the responsibility of overseeing a containment area program that will protect the occupants from exposure and the building and its systems from contamination.

Risk Management

Working closely with the client to design and implement a comprehensive containment program will achieve a significant risk reduction. The possibility that building occupants could be exposed to harmful or irritating construction byproducts or concealed microbial growth will be reduced along with accompanying lost productivity due to sickness, workers compensation claims, and third-party lawsuits. In addition, the potential for expensive containment remediation (clean-up) or business interruption (vacating the building) can be avoided.

Constainment Concept Design

We design programs utilizing normally planned dust partitions and the use of existing and temporary ventilation systems to manipulate pressures to contain the potential contaminants.

Construction Documents

After reviewing our plan with the Owner and/or Contractor, we will proceed with the development of construciton documents to be used by the Owner and/or Contractor to establish pressure containment zones between occupied and construction areas for the duration of the project.

Monitoring of containment

We will provide routine site visits for data collection and reporting on a weekly basis. Often at startup or during changes between construction periods, daily visits are appropriate.

Follow-Up and Flexibility

Over the course of the construciton project, we remain available to assist the Owner and/or Contractor with modifications to the containment plans to adapt to changing beuilding use priorities.