TBS from its inception has placed great emphasis on the importance of a well designed and constructed building shell.  Through forensic investigations and our commitment to creating long-lasting, healthy buildings, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge.  Our professionals have a thorough understanding of concepts such as moisture management in envelope assemblies, and drainage plane continuity. 

Under the direction of William A. Turner, M.S., P.E., Turner Building Science & Design, LLC (TBS) has been performing forensic investigations for use in litigation since 1993. In terms of experience and knowledge, TBS is virtually unparallelled. We come to you with the experience gained through hundreds of building investigations.

Investigations may include:

  • Quality of masonry materials
  • Moisture intrusion testing
  • Dew point and vapor pressure review
  • Infared Imaging of building
  • Air leakage testing
  • Exterior drainage plane/wind barrier review

Physcial properties of materials with respect to moisture and vapor mitigation

We perform Facility Evaluation Services leading to Expert and Factual Testimony.